All India Waterproofing Co.

Established in 1983

Seal Roof

All India Waterproofing Company was established in 1983. We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the reputed and registered waterproofing company. We are also known as specialists in the use of cement based waterproofing treatment and chemical treatment

We are also introducers of "Injection", "Box & Surface" methods for underground super and water retaining structures on any magnitude.

We take pride to be manufactures of "SEALROOF" waterproofing and damping powder which is used by us personally.

We are reputed and registered, Waterproofing speciallists and are enlisted in approved panel of various Govt. & Semi-Sovt. departments Emminent Architects & Builders, A few of them are
M.T.N.L. M.M.R.D.A, M.U.T.P.
L.I.C. B.P.T
B.A.R.C. M.H.A.D.A.
A.P.M.C. R.B.I.
M.I.D.C. Airport Authority
B.M.C. Air Force
C.I.D.C.O. Air India
N.P.C.I.L. Ircon International ltd.
D.R.D.O. N.I.D.C.