All India Waterproofing Co.

Established in 1983

Seal Roof
This terms sheet is a part of our Quotation No.....dated.....Our rates in the quotation are net. and do not include any discount. commission or taxes to be charged by the main contractors, the Government of any other agency.
This quotation is based on current market prices of materials and shall operate for 45 days.after which the rates are subject to revision.The whole contract will then be based on current market material prices and fluctuations in this can be followed by revisions of work rates from time to time.
Cement shall be supplied to us at work site by the employers (Owners. Architects or Main Contractors) at controlled price, plus actual transport charges only and this amount shall be deducted from our bill/bills. Present rate being Rs.....per bag. empty being non-returnable and Rs.....per bag. empty bags being returnable. In case any other materials are supplied to us. Those shall be debited to us at contemporary market rates as mutually settled.
An advance to the extent of 30% of the total estimated cost of the work must be paid to us at the time of starting the work and should br adjusted only in our final bill.
5. We shall be entitled to free use of water supply at site. Scaffolding. Ladders. Staircases. Suction pumps. Electric power. Lighting arrangement. dewatering and bailing our of water will be to the employer's cost if needed.
6. Space for setting our labours as also for constructing godown and stacking materials will be provided by employer nearest to the site free of cost to us.
7. We pre-surface all clearing of area to be treated to have done by the employer before coming in our charge for treatment. Any clearing out by us will be charged extra.
8. Full co-operation shall be afforded by the employers and their staff and labour as well as tenants to our staff and labours.
9. The base of the parapet or other adjoining wall on the Terrace will be left without plaster by the employer for giving our treatment upto a minimum height of 18 inches above the terrace level.
10. In the waterproofing of Basement of other Underground structures a working space of at least 2-6" right up to ground level should be provided to us on the exterior of the structures for our labours to do the work. After finishing the work, the same is to be filled up by the employer carefully avoiding damage to our treatment.
11 The employer shall be responsible for the structural adequacy of the parts of the building like rafts, slabs, walls, beams, columns, etc. and for the design and installation of services like drainage pipes, water pipes, etc. We shall not be responsible if the waterproofing work shows any defects on account or inadequacy of failure of structural parts or on account of unsuitable and defective design.
12. Measurements shall be taken by us jointly with the representative of the employer if available. If the employer fails to be present at the time of measurement, the measurement taken by us shall be final and binding on them for purposes of the bill and payment will not be delayed on this account.
13. Measurement for payment in all cases shall be as per the actual area covered by our treatment including offsets. Overlapping, vatas etc. as executed by us and not as per the drawing and estimated quantities. No deductions will be made in the flooring for Indian W.C.'S. The entire surface of P.C.C. in the basement which generally exceeds the area of R.C.C. raft will be covered by our treatment in the interest of the work and shall be paid to us according to actual coverage.
14. Payment of our running bills should br made within one week and final bills within two weeks of submission of bill without making any deduction of any sort on any account. In case of delayed payments and interest of 18% per annum shall be charged on the amount outstanding or due.
15. A written guarantee will be given for our work and any subsequent leakages will be repaired and rectified by us free of cost to owners during the guarantee period. Guarantee will however be given on receipt of our final payment and will apply from the date of completion of our work and not of the whole project.
16. In the event of employers withdrawing and/or canceling the whole contract or any part thereof. we shall be entitled to liquidate damages equivalent to 25% of the cost of the work so withdraw and/or cancelled.
17. Our payments whether we are direct contractors or nominated sub-conctractor under the main contractors shall be considered guarantee by the owners and shall form a charge on the property to which our works relates as well as on the entire bill of the main contractor and we shall be entitled for payment from the owners directly in case main contractor fail to pay or delay the payments of dues beyond two weeks. Any disputed or disagreement whatsoever amongst our employers or delay in the payment to the main contractor shall not affect our payment in any way.
18. The work will be carried our according to our general specifications. We however reserve our right to alter, amend of vary these specifications to suit exigencies and in the interest of the work.
19. The concerned Architect's certificate in all cases be final and binding for the basis of payment.
20. In case of strikes by labour. unavailability or storage of materials or any other circumstances beyond our control we shall not be liable for blame/or claim for unsatisfactory progress of work.
21. Bottom pavement shall exceed by 15 cms or 6 " on each side beyond the edge of R.C.C. raft to enable us to carry out the treatment properly including vatas, etc.
22. Minimum interference with our work will be made by the employee as the whole responsibility of stopping water leakage will be ours and we shall bind ourselves with guarantee for the same.
23. Damage to things, articles and structures in building, caused accidentally during progress of our work will not be compensated for by us. All care shall be taken, however not to cause any such damage.
24. The Indian Institute of Architect's decision in case of disputes will be final and all legal actions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Bombay High Court.