All India Waterproofing Co.

Established in 1983

Seal Roof

We propose to treat the U/G Structure by our 'Box Method' For this we would require 150mm (6') thick layer of cement concrete (1:3:6) P.C.C. using metal upto No 2 laid even with smooth surface with wooden trowels by the owners on well compacted siol or rubble soling or plain concrete.

The bottom P.C.C. should be laid in such way that it shall project minimum 6' (150 mm)

Beyond the face of bottom P.C.C. Raht on all sides. On the P.C.C. we shall provide our 'SEALROOF' waterproof layer C.M. of 1" thick on which stone agreegate of nominal size will be embedded at random.

We shall provide Shahabad rough ladi (stone) of
about 1 to 2 feet square and of 20 to 25mm thick fixed in C.M. (1:4) above the ladi we shall again provide our "Sealroof" Waterproof layer of 1/2" to 3/4" thick. Like this the total thickness of our treatment becomes of 3" thick. This is then super imposed by the owner with R.C.C. Raft.

After casting of R.C.C. Raft and side walls by the owners, the outer face of the walls are provided with our Shahabad ladi and then grouted with cement slurry, above the ladi we shall provide 1/2" to 3/4" thick "Sealroof" waterproof layer, like wise out treatment becomes of about 1 3/4 thick. The outer treatment is carried out upto a height of about one foot above ground level.

The excavated portion of the sides around is then of simultaneously with our work is filled in by the owners with soft earth.

By this method the entire structure is encased by our treatment and the attacking subsoil
water will not find an access to it.

  • As already stated above, the earth filling on the outside wall shall be done by the owners. Simultaneously with the progress of ourwork on the outer face of the walls.
  • No injection in any other treatment is given to the walls inside as a part of the above or otherwise.
  • Expansion joints, in the basement floor and wall are not needed.
  • R.C.C. Side wall.
  • Shahabad rough ladi fixed in fine cement paste.
  • Neat cement slurry filled in between R.C.C. wall & shahabad ladi
  • Top smooth finish in cement mortar.
  • P.C.C. (150 mm) thick to be laid by owner.
  • Stone Agreegate fixed by hand cement mortar (1.5)
  • Cement mortar (1:4) laid for fixing rough shahabad ladi
  • Shahabad ladi fixed in cement mortar.
  • Top finish in cement mortar (1:4)
  • R.C.C. Raft slab laid.
Note: Soft earth filling on the outer face shall be done by owner simultaneously with the progress of water proofing work.