All India Waterproofing Co.

Established in 1983

Seal Roof
In case of existing Basement where no access is available for treating the surface from outside and below. We propose to treat the U/G structure by our "Injection & Surface" Method.

The terrace is treated with our "Surface" method which starts directly over the R.C.C. Slab. The internal parapet or other adjoining walls shall be plastered leaving a space of about 18" from the slab for our Wata (Golia). The R.C.C. Slab be well cleaned and rain water outlets pipes fitted by the owner before the commencement of our work.

1. The R.C.C. Slab shall be well cleaned with water and will be grouted/ flooded with cement slurry. Now we shall fix our "Brick bat" in C.M. with necessary gradient for the easy flow of rain water (the treatment shall then be cured for at least 48 hours).

2. The "Brick Bat" is finally covered with our "Sealroof" waterproof plaster finished with smooth trowels with false marking of 300mm squares or finished rough as desired by the owners/clients. Our treatment is carried along the vertical surface of parapets and other adjoining walls upto a height of about 1 foot in the shape of round Wata. The average thickness of our treatment is about 110mm (41/2"). The thickness at rain water outlet points being 75mm (3"). The maximum slope will be 1" per 10 feet area.

(A) The surface provided is hard and tough suitable for all normal domestic purposes. it has got better insulation value than the bitumastic.

(B) If however, it is desired to cover our treatment with decorative tiles, marbles etc. then the surface of our treatment will be finished suitable to receive them.

(C) Due to location of rain water pipes being for apart and due to the span being wider than 30' or 9 meters and the water is required to travel on one side only then the thickness of our treatment increases proportionately to maintain the gradient for the easy flow of rain water.

(D) In the case of existing terrace since our treatment starts directly over the R.C.C. slab es stated above, the existing treatment will have to be completely removed by us to expose the bare surface of the R.C.C. slab.

(E)If a garden and/or a lawn in desired to be made over the treatment. It can be suitable for that also at extra charges.

  • R.C.C. Slab
  • Cement mortar laid for fixing of Brick Bat (1:5).
  • Brick Bat fixed in cement mortar.
  • Cement mortar laid for Top finishing (1:4)
  • Top finished surface smooth or rough as desired.
Note: Average thickness of work is 110mmSlope is (1:120) 1 Inch in Every 10 Feet.