All India Waterproofing Co.

Established in 1983

Seal Roof
The main contractor shall first provide 4" thick-18" height brick masonry on the Slab floor ; above which we shall provide 24 Gauge Aluminium sheet with a grove in the centre and overlapping on one side the other side shall be up to the edge of Brick masonry. The grove shall be filled with plain paper the same paper shall be pasted with cement paste on the top of Aluminium Sheet above which over average 110mm Brick-bat will be laid after filling he joints of Brick-bar in C.S. mortar, We shall fix wire-mesh on it and finally the top will be finished in smooth cement colour with overlapping on both sides of brick masonry.
Expansion joints can also be treated by filling the gap with Poly-Sulphate Sealant.
  • RCC Slab.
  • Brick Bat laid on terrace
  • Top finish on terrace.
  • 115mm TO 450mm the. Brick wall
  • 'SHAUTEX' Board to be provided by Contractor.
  • Aluminium Sheet.
  • Paper
  • Brick Bat
  • Wire mesh.
  • TOP finish